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Meet Ellen Siegfried Correspondent MaxMoon Entertainment Encore


Ellen Siegfried
Correspondent with
MaxMoon Entertainment Encore

I am a creative writing student at Missouri State University with an attempt to leave that fine establishment with my Bachelor’s degree.  I have been perfecting my craft for four years now, but I have decided to extend my studies to five years total, ya know… to really achieve greatness.  I have always dwelled in the Midwest, from St. Louis to Springfield, Missouri (where I currently reside), and it’s rather pleasant.  Nice people, minimal to moderate traffic, depending on where you are exactly in the center of the country, and not to mention, seasons.

Anyway, I am breeching my level of comfort right now, as you read this.  I am projecting myself and my thoughts on the World Wide Web.  This is all very new to me.  I started my “bloodinmymouth” WordPress blog site months before I ever posted anything- and not just anything worth reading, I mean I haven’t typed one blog post.  I like to think I can take my online writing excursions a little further than just filling my basic information boxes and successfully becoming a member of the wild world of WordPress.com.  Satisfying enough for six months, I guess, but now I’m ready.  I will stand up and stand strong as an up-and-coming writer and publish my midnight thoughts, words of wisdom, bathroom epiphanies (location varies), and of course my general insight/complaints about friends, family, boyfriend, etc.

Oh, one last thing.  Not only am I stepping into the ever expanding and ever connected land of opportunity to write for my own benefit or amusement, but I am also starting my journey as a music correspondent for MaxMoon Entertainment & MaxMoon Entertainment Encore.  Don’t let the double Ms and double Es frighten you.  I am not here to saturate you with my endless knowledge of “bands you’ve never heard of”, I am here to share with you, my friend.  I am here to open the doors wide for you and others who desire to be able to say, “Oh, you haven’t heard of Insert Band Name Here” with that condescension you’ve always wanted.  Alright, maybe that’s not your goal, but take my hand, grab your ear buds, and walk with me (or just read what I write) to experience blossoming artists and underground entertainers that confidently await your beckoning ear holes.  Remember folks, “It’s the music that brings us together“!

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