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Meet Angela Hammond Lead Correspondent with MaxMoon Entertainment Encore

Angela Heather Hammond
Lead Correspondent
MaxMoon Entertainment Encore

I’ve been writing my whole life but on paper only since I was thirteen. I study Professional and Creative writing. My writing experience ranges from Sci-fi thriller, to young adult fiction, to comic book, and now, music blogging. My love of music first developed as a result of love for a family member. I saw how New Kids on the Block changed my sister into a happier, more carefree version of herself. Not only did I want to be connected to this side of my sister, I wanted to feel this same happiness. Therefore, I also loved New Kids on the Block. For the next few years, music would come to represent a certain oppression. I would listen only to what my parents approved for me to listen to or nothing at all. To this day, I can sing conservative lyrics from the 80s or name the song by the tune.

“DUDE, DON’T TOUCH MY STEREO!” You’ve all heard it or said it before. The purchase of my first car brought a combination of music and freedom. My car, my stereo. I could choose the song, the audio level, and my response. My conservative family could no longer sensor me. Suzanne Vega, Live, Green Day, Seal, Bonnie Tyler, Faith Hill, Dave Matthews Band, Ace of Base… am I dating myself?

It is now time to put my two loves together. I am joining a new adventure as the Lead Correspondent for MaxMoon Entertainment Encore where I, along with a team of writers, will take a deeper look at the music, the musician behind the music, and how that music fits into our lives. After all, “It’s the music that brings us together.”

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